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Seems like the art world is full of crooks that like screwing each other, Christie's Sotheby's, dealers, agents,sub contractor wannabees, stupid appraissers, you name it !! paid off laboratory exams, incompitent labs and opinions, paid off provenances, kickbacks. I sure am thankful my Degas painting has never seen the likes of New York City !!!. My Degas has been in the same house 60-80 years untouched and I have it for almost 9 years and have done my homework. I don't think there's anybody out there that can prove me wrong, and I challenge you if you can do so with tangible evidence and not just run your mouth with worthless unsubstantiated fictitious opinions, with no relevence to your answer, so here you have a chance to own a genuine Degas and possibly worked on together with Mary Cassatt, it needs to go into the laboratory for multiple materials analysis and forensics as the facts prove along with the pictures of the media this is the most complex mixed media Degas painting ever known and far superior to any oil on canvas, it shows Degas spontaneity and unpredictable media concoctions all mentioned buy credible historians and Museum curators as factual evidence as I can supply all data for my findings "If a painting were not so difficult then it would not be so much fun" >>Degas quote Renoir also stated that Degas placed a work on the floor then a board on top, then stomped on it to grind in the pastel, and Degas said, "he has not yet found his method, that would only bore him" This degas has never been on the market until this year, it has been in the same house for around 60 years or more, shows patina filth and smoke residue, I have owned and researched this work for over 8 years, Ive proven experts and specialists wrong, thats if you consider college kids a specialist, Go ahead and look in the catalouge rasoinne and see the pink one and assume mine isnt real, youre wrong ! I have an email correspondance from annabelle mathias art historian from musee d Orsay paris france stating there were several of this study "dancer adjusting slipper" Degas quoted himself "make 10, make 100", so who knows how many subjects from one study have been created. my question is; when Degas was known to use very complex mediums and bored with plain pastel, why are there so many plain works being sold on the market? as Degas quoted also "i have not yet found my method, that would only bore me". I get all my information from publications written by museum curators and historians of cridibility, because i have found out the auction houses with thier mid 20s ignorant self-proclaimed "experts" and "specialists" have no expertize or specialized knowladge, they provide no relevance to thier answer and you might as well be talking to a street bum !!! Please dont say anything stupid about my Degas because i will just correct you with the facts and you might be offended, as i have corrected many 40 year exp experts such as jeffery fuller mr expert called my Degas a facsimile, what a moron, does this look like a facsimile to you ?? how about a silkscreen? or maybe a stencil or collagraph? Ive already proven wrong all those claims plus more, because for some REASON I HAVE RELEVANCE AND FACTS FOR MY ANSWERS AND IDIOTS DO NOT, so if youre going to make a claim have the balls enough to show factual relevance to your answer and dont talk bullshit to me, if somehow i can get 50,000 for lab exams i will prove christies wrong, sothebys and re-write Degas history with this mixed media, I know dam well what i have, heres the link below the man [42 year expert] said my Degas was a facsimile, gee he looks so smart in those glasses, Adam McCoy from cristies said it was a reproduction of a drawing, oh yeah? by who? and when? i never seen a drawing with brushmarks have you? I can go on and on with the sheer STUPIDITY ive dealt with, Bernard Dunstan [RA] also writes that Degas was not particular on proportions and made works in the larger size,, mine is larger than the one on pink paper, some idiot claimed that a forger named keating did this work, well how could that be possible when the pink one was first exhibitioned in 1987 and keating died in 1984, we can go on and on how may experts ive proven wrong because of their ignorance, at first i thought this to me a monotype, but extensive research this year clearly shows too many different media,
Degas studio was like a laboratory and he was not a creature of habit, sponteneous is the norm for Degas, and creating unusual and unique mixtures, he also learned some mixture types from mary cassatt also, artwork has a small eyelash is what it appears, no its not a paintbrush hair either,

, this is a very complex work, and the most complex work ive ever seen by degas, works sold at auction or in museums recorded show 1-4 types of media, which would be; which would be; pastel, oil paint, charcoal pencil, tempera and distemper crayon, ink, theres not been any work i know of consisting of over 4 types of media, mine has at least 6, possibly 9-10, as Degas was definatly known for using the types of media listed below as documented in his notebooks among other credible sources,

egg temprera guoache
gum based distemper
animal hyde glue base or plant glue base pastel>wet and dry
lavender oil used as turpentine
soap>glycerin + soda mixture
fixative, 2 types mixed with methyl alcohol> casein and white shellac
water color
turpentine thinned paints
metallic or other media learned from mary cassatt, stated by national gallery of london. and or metropolitan i read recently, look it up

national gallery of london writes that some of Degas mixtures are not yet known, if you have any questions please ask, this is a price as the way it is now without materials analysis, and it is possible that mary cassatt worked on this painting with Degas as they were KNOWN to work together on paintings and even trade artworks, look at articles by national gallery of art, and read the first 42 pages of "degas a strange new beauty" [page 16], on amazon I also have a compilation of facts for discussion
please view pics and i have plenty more pics upon request, the highest known degas estimate was for 48 million sothebys UK in 1999, my Degas is far more superior to any oil on canvas, it shows extreme complexity of may of his media which brings the question; what have they been selling "out there" and where are the other works like this? when it is well documented of all these media types, you might ask why isnt this at christies or sothebys? ha ha ha ha funny, theres a big story to that, seems to me the auction houses like to sell fakes with fake provenances, and they dont give a dam either, theres too much money to be made selling fakes !! i seen sothebys sold a fake for 4.5 million and bonhams also, CLEAR AS DAY FAKE FORGERIES !!! and their experts did not notice ???? what a joke. Seems like theres no Common American man or woman allowed to sell genuine works at a major auction house, like they have it all figured out their own way or make up their own rules, thats ok when this Degas has the lab results there will be a hornets nest of lawsuits happening because of all the FUCKIN FAKES been sold, time is coming soon that my GENUINE Degas mixed media will expose the forgeries, unless a private collector buys it first, And Degas did create mixed media works, theres a chapter titled mixed media in the national gallery london book, because they have a few rare works, but not like mine, for serious inquiries i have a facts and relevance papers prepared, also notes and copies from publications, the price of 46 million is for the now, because if in fact thats mary cassat's eyelash hair stuck into the media the price could triple easily, I know of the qualified laboratory for DNA forensics, Also if there is a glycerin>SOAP mixture or metallic media found in lab analysis, price would also rise considerably as no Degas works have been found yet with his homeade glycerin soap mixture but in fact he did use this media as stated by national gallery of london. HERES A FAKE DAGAS SOLD FOR 4.5 MILLION BY SOTHEBYS, Can anyone explain to me why Degas was using plain pastel in 1887? [and theres no description of paper or detailed forensics? GOOD JOB with the faked provinance] when he was so far advanced at that time in his career mixing pastels with other media, A spontaneous irratic artist who was known to have a studio like a laboratory for all his concoctions>>> creates a plain pastel in 1887? also the ruffles on the ends the dress are not correct, the bow is way too much oversized and the ballerinas ass is not even sitting in the chair, the left leg is in a drawing/sketch stage,, and its out of proportion like her ass is in the air not even touching the seat, this IS NOT a Degas, i dont care what the fake provenance sais, ive spotted other fakes also by other auction houses. take a good dam look whats going on in the artworld. and i find it very strange no newspaper or art news website will write about my Degas, ALL OF THEM, and no auction house will agree to see me in person but they give me their fuckin STUPID uneducated guesses !! THATS OK ARTWORLD YOU CANT SUPRESS ME FOREVER, GET READY FOR A DOMINO EFFECT OF LAWSUITS WHEN MY DEGAS IS KNOWN WORLDWIDE AS GENUINE, i dont understand who could be SO FUCKING STUPIT to buy an artwork with no affidavit of truth sworn under penalty of perjury and without proper materials analysis !! DUH ! seems the auction houses have this all figured out decades ago, thats why they will get busted soon, email me for facts and relevance, cannot be rebutted by anyone compare what sold with other Degas ballerinas and youll see, ive stumbled on a few like this but theres probably many more if i really search

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